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15 Fun Ways to Play with Marbles

Maybe it’s their intriguing design of swirling colors, or the fact that they are just the right size to fit inside little hands – there’s just something so special about playing with marbles. 

The love of marbles dates back ages. Some even believe the earliest people used rounded pebbles as a form of marble play. Today, most marbles are shaped from scrap glass that is commercially heated. Before these bits of molten glass are molded into spheres, color is often inserted to create their iconic designs. As the melted glass cools, they are rolled down metal ramps creating both their shape and lovely swirling patterns.

Stop by our toy shop and it’s easy to see that we have a special affinity for wooden marble rollers. They’re a favorite in our own home and a pastime that’s been cherished by our families for generations. Although there’s something almost magical about racing a marble down the track and hearing that unmistakable clinkity-clack as they cascade to the bottom, we also find that just a few marbles on their own can be all it takes to inspire countless hours of meaningful play. We’ve gathered 15 fun ideas to try with marbles. Try a few with your family and let us know which ones were your favorite!  

Marble Toss

Create a simple game of skill by arranging plastic cups or containers on the floor – experiment with a triangular layout or line them up in a row. Give your kiddos a collection of marbles and see who can toss the most inside the cups.

DIY Mancala Game

Mancala is another screen-free game that is typically played with 2 players. If your family is new to the game, try out this DIY version from Arts & Crackers using an egg carton and marbles.

Marble Sensory Bin

Fill a bin with loose marbles and add cups, spoons, or scoops to encourage exploration. Little ones will delight in digging their hands into the cool spheres and listening to the sounds they make when scooping and pouring. Translucent marbles are also a great object to play with light. Dim the lights and add a small flashlight to the bin to spark their curiosity.

Painting Project

Marbles make a wonderful medium for this movement-focused art project. Tape a blank sheet of paper inside a box with an open top. Add a few drops of craft paint around the paper. Next, add marbles and let little ones move the box around rolling the marbles through the paint. After the paint dries, they’ll love seeing the different patterns and colors revealed in their marble masterpiece.

Spoon Scoop Contest

This marble challenge will keep the entire family laughing! Grab a plastic teaspoon and fill a shallow bowl with marbles. Ask each player to hold a spoon in their mouth and use it to transfer as many marbles as they can out of the bowl without using their hands. The player who moves the most marbles in 60 seconds wins!

Play-Doh Marble Run

A little Play-Doh and a few household items can go a long way when it comes to building your own DIY marble run. We love these ideas shared by Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls. Try the baking sheet setup with younger children and engage older kids with the plastic cup version.

Recycled Marble Drop

Make use of discarded toilet paper rolls and cardboard packaging to create this open-ended marble drop from TinkerLab. Kiddos will enjoy moving the parts in the system around to test new ideas.

Build a Lego Marble Maze

Kiddos of all ages will enjoy making this DIY marble maze as much as they’ll enjoy playing with it. Check out these instructions from MomBrite to get started and let their creativity be the guide!

Sticky Marble Trap

This game of skill is super simple to set up and more challenging than it may seem! Apply a line of double-sided tape to one end of a table. Each person stands at the opposite end of the table and rolls their marbles toward the tape. The player who “catches” the most marbles on the tape in 60 seconds wins!

Marble Guessing Game

This classic guessing game is a simple way to excite your family. Fill a large, see through container with marbles and leave it on a table or counter with blank papers and a collection basket. Ask your family to guess how many marbles are inside. You may be surprised how often your kiddos come back to inspect and adjust their answers.

I-Spy Bottle

This quiet and calming activity is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Fill an empty plastic bottle with rice, adding different colored marbles as you go. Leave about 2 inches of space at the top to allow the rice and marbles to flow inside. Securely tape or glue the lid closed to be sure the contents remain inside. Children can shake, roll, and flip the bottle to discover the hidden marbles inside. Give preschoolers an added challenge by asking them to find specific colors or count the marbles as they go.

Form a Finger Labyrinth

Use marbles to create small labyrinth mazes in sand or on a carpeted floor. Encourage kiddos to experiment with patterns, scale, and design. When they’re finished, take turns trailing fingers between the marble lines.


Fine Motor Marble Balance

Preschoolers will love the challenge of balancing marbles on golf tees. Juggling with Kids shares a simple setup using Play-Doh.

Introduce a Classic Game

The game of marbles has been a favorite pastime with both children and adults for centuries. It can easily be played inside or outside and requires minimal supplies and very little setup. This video from Peaceful Play is a helpful guide to teach your family the rules, and learn a few pointers.

Bullseye Game

Add a bullseye twist to the classic marbles game. Use chalk or tape to outline 3 rings with a bullseye at the center. Each player takes turns shooting marbles with their thumb to see who can get closest to the target – or hit the bullseye if they are lucky!